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Vortice AIR DOOR Hava Perdesi

Vortice AIR DOOR Hava Perdeleri

65195 AIR DOOR AD 900 ısıtıcısız 
65196 AIR DOOR AD 1200 ısıtıcısız 
65197 AIR DOOR AD 1500 ısıtıcısız 
65198 AIR DOOR AD 2000 ısıtıcısız 
65155 AIR DOOR H AD 900 M 2/4/6 
65156 AIR DOOR H AD 900 T 2/4/6 
65157 AIR DOOR H AD 1200 T 4/6/8 


Aluminium front panel with satin finish, colour silver, and air inlet grille comprising 9 horizontal sections of polished aluminium. Rear pressed steel casing, colour black, functions as a frame to which all internal components are fixed. End caps moulded in ABS thermoplastic resin, colour black.
• Neutral version (air circulated at ambient temperature), 2 operating speeds.
• AC motor with double shaft extension and thermal overload protection.
• 2 tangential fans moulded in thermoplastic resin (SAN) and ultrasonically welded, colour black, force air through a longitudinal vent located in the underside of the appliance.
• Option of IR remote control with on/off and speed selection buttons; these same controls are also available on the front panel of the appliance (3 buttons).
• Power cord with moulded Schuko euro plug.
• Able to operate in conjunction with standard "door sensors".
• Adjustable vanes for orientation of air stream.



Vortice AIR DOOR Hava Perdesi

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