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   Elektrikli Panel Radyatör Konvektör, Endüstriyel Fanlı Isıtıcılar

ModelApollo Havlupan
Boyutlar_mm_kgGenişlik =440 En=90mm Yükseklik=830mm 7.2 KG
OzelliklerCompact, stylish casing with distinctive curved grille. Two fixed towel hangers (not heated). Elements Two mineral filled sheathed electric elements are embedded in aluminium heating plates. Low element operating temperature of around 200ºC reduces air drying effects and dust burning. The heating plates have a unique design – the forward face is finished in matt black and has greater surface area to maximise radiant heat. The reverse side is in its natural smooth aluminium state to minimise heat loss to the wall. The design provides an even temperature across the front panel, using the whole surface area available and maximises the throw of radiant heat into the room. IP Rating Splash-proof IPX4 for use in wet areas. Construction Durable polyester powder coated steel with mesh steel front grille. Installation A detachable wall-mounting frame allows quick wall fixing. Electrical Connections 2m 4-core cable (live, neutral, earth and pilot wire) supplied fitted to each heater. Colour/Finish White. Highly comfortable radiant heat output, reducing heat stratification and energy wastage. Fitted with an electronic thermostat, accurate to within 0.1oC to maintain a stable room temperature. User selectable comfort, background and frost protection settings. Splash proof (IPX4 rated) for use in bathrooms and wet areas. Controls cover which can be locked if necessary. Compatible with Dimplex single or 4 zone multi-heater programmers.Controls 1 Function control User selection of “comfort”, “background” (4ºC below the thermostat setting) and “frost protection” (5ºC), off and programmed operation (if programmer is fitted). Neon indicator shows function selected. 2 Thermostat Dial The dial is marked * to 9. The * setting represents a room temperature of approximately 5ºC and may be used for protection against frost. The other settings range up to a maximum room temperature of approximately 35ºC. A neon indicator shows when the element is operating.
Endüstriyel Fanlı IsıtıcıKapasite_KW
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